Meet April Rice: Conquering Trails & Triathlons with Grit

Meet April Rice: Conquering Trails & Triathlons with Grit

Meet April Rice, a Canadian triathlete residing in Singapore for over 10 years. While juggling the responsibilities of motherhood, April took a bit of a break from her regular Triathlon racing recently to gear up for a monumental challenge – the Oxfam Hong Kong 100K trail run on the Maclehose Trail.

This race features 23 steep hills and mountains and nearly 5,000m of elevation gain. Tackling such terrain in Singapore’s humidity is undoubtedly a Herculean task, but April has proven that she’s got the determination and resilience to get it done. 

How April Began Her Triathlon Journey?

April's journey into the world of triathlon began with "kids of steel" events during her childhood, thanks to her supportive father. After a long hiatus from the scene due to work and family, her return to triathlon began in 2009 after she was spurred by a friend's desire to train for a sprint triathlon in London. 

Since then she’s embarked on sprint distances, to 70.3 distances, securing many podium finishes along the way, and even conquered full Ironman distances. Earlier this year April raced in the Women’s Ironman World Championships in Kona and placed 7th out of 326 in her age group!

With a remarkable number of races under her belt, including 4 x 70.3 ironman distances, 1 PTO Asian Open, and 3 full ironman distances, April's favorite race is the full distance triathlon at Challenge Roth in Germany.

She describes this as the race of her life as the atmosphere was unparalleled. To add, she was extremely satisfied crossing the finish line draped in the Canadian flag during Ironman Langkawi knowing she had won the race and earned herself a Kona Slot.

Race Day Rituals and Balancing Work, Triathlon and Family

April initiates her pre-race nutrition by avoiding red meat and favoring a nutrient-packed chicken rice bowl. On race day, she starts with a refreshing shower, consumes oats for sustained energy, engages in stretching for agility, and applies layers of sunscreen for protection.

To fuel on the go, April relies on Raspberry Pure electrolytes and Precision Hydration sodium mix & gels. Her methodical approach to nutrition and preparation underscores that achieving victories is not merely a race but a deliberate, conscious series of choices seasoned with determination and, of course, the rigorous weeks of training leading up to the event.

Navigating the complex balance of work, family, and triathlon training, April credits her supportive husband and her daughters as her biggest fans. With the help of a  dedicated helper to ensure the smooth running of her household, April is able to focus on the demanding hours of full-distance training. 

Staying Motivated and Advice to Newbie Triathletes 

April's motivation stems from the diversity in her training routine, incorporating various disciplines and keeping things interesting with music, podcasts, and Netflix.

For those contemplating the triathlon journey, April's advice is simple – “give it a shot”. 

Triathlons may seem intimidating, but the sense of accomplishment from proper training and completing a race is unparalleled. She encourages newbies to rediscover the joy of sports they loved as kids and just give it a "TRI."

Fun facts about April Rice

Beyond triathlon: Apart from triathlons,  her bucket list includes adventure trips to wonders of the world, such as hiking the Machu Picchu trail and scuba diving in the Great Barrier Reef.

Dream relay partner: In the realm of triathlon dreams, April would team up with Lucy Charles-Barclay and possibly coax the legendary Jan Frodeno out of retirement. 

Cartoon idol: When asked to pick a cartoon character that resonates with her, April sees herself in Disney's Moana – determined and resilient.

Dream locale: Having lived in remarkable places worldwide, including Canada, London, Hong Kong, and Singapore, April contemplates the possibility of calling Perth or Melbourne, Australia, her next home.

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