Arjun Kandikuppa: Continues his Triathlon Mission with Purpose

Arjun Kandikuppa: Continues his Triathlon Mission with Purpose

Arjun Kandikuppa, another seasoned Purpose triathlete continues his quest to  conquer the triathlon scene with unwavering determination and Purpose by his side. Hailing from India, Arjun has not only made Singapore his home but also turned its challenging landscapes into his personal playground. Arjun's journey is a testament to passion, perseverance, and purpose, as he continuously pushes the boundaries of his athletic prowess and we're proud to continue to support him in 2024. 

How Arjun Kandikuppa Began His Triathlon Journey

Arjun's tryst with triathlons began in 2017, a pivotal moment in his life when he sought an alternative to recover from a running injury. Little did he know that this decision would open the door to a world where swimming, cycling, and running converge into the ultimate test of endurance. The Singapore Triathlon in 2017 marked Arjun's initiation into the world of triathlon, and from that day forward, there was no turning back.

Race Day Rituals and Balancing Work, Triathlon and Family

Arjun's racing journey is nothing short of remarkable, with an impressive tally of races under his belt. Boasting 15 Half Ironman distance races, one event stands out among the rest –  Ironman 70.3 Danang in 2023.  A challenging course, breathtaking scenery, and fierce competition make it Arjun's favorite race. It was also the race that he broke into the top 10 overall rankings. 

The morning of a race is always a carefully orchestrated routine for Arjun. A hearty breakfast comprising overnight oats, toast with peanut butter, coffee, and electrolytes sets the stage. Donning his Purpose kit and tuning into a triathlon playlist, Arjun captures the essence of race day before embarking on the swim, bike, and run. It's a ritual that blends physical preparation with mental fortitude.

Arjun's life is a delicate balance between his full-time job, his role as a doting father to a 5-year-old, and his triathlon pursuits. With a mantra of quality over quantity, Arjun ensures that each training session is purposeful and intense. Early morning workouts pave the way for a day filled with work and family, showcasing the true essence of a triathlete's balancing act.

Staying Motivated and Advice to Newbie Triathletes 

In the midst of his demanding schedule, Arjun finds motivation in the thrill of racing, the camaraderie of fellow triathletes in Singapore, and the community events organized by Purpose. Training with like-minded athletes, including the likes of Phillip Kloeber, Su Hyeon, Scott, and the Elevate swim squad, provides the fuel Arjun needs to keep pushing his limits.

Navigating the 2023 Season Waves

The 2023 race season may have been shorter for Arjun due to work travels, but it was certainly not lacking in accomplishments. Local victories at the Long Course Triathlons in Tri Factor and Singapore Triathlon set the tone for successful campaigns at Ironman 70.3 Danang, coming at 10th position overall and the PTO Asian Open, 5th Overall & Age Group win. Arjun's race season was a testament to his adaptability and resilience in the face of challenges.

One 2023 race that will be forever etched into Arjun's memory was the inaugural PTO Asian Open in Singapore. Racing on home ground, Arjun emerged victorious in the 100KM triathlon. Despite pre-race challenges, Arjun's strong bike leg and solid run secured his position among the top competitors, leaving an indelible mark on his 2023 season.

Looking ahead to the 2024 race season

Arjun imparts a valuable lesson from his triathlon journey – trust the tech. With advancements in the sport, he plans to leverage cutting-edge technology in 2024, including Purpose's state-of-the-art suits, WHOOP metrics, and temperature monitoring. The sport has evolved, and Arjun is ready to embrace the numbers-driven future.

Being a part of Team Purpose since 2018, Arjun acknowledges the unwavering support from Noor and Cyril. He says, Purpose's elite gear not only enhances his performance but also fosters a sense of community through pre-event gatherings across Asia. 

As Arjun looks ahead to 2024, his calendar is packed with ambitious goals. Early in the year, he aims to qualify for the 70.3 Taupo World Championships, followed by a focus on a full Ironman race with the dream of securing a Kona qualification. These are not just goals; they are challenges that fuel Arjun's passion for the sport and we wish him all the very best.

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