Slowly making an entry into the United States, we’re proud to announce that will be producing racing suits and team kits for Ironworks Endurance, based out of Des Moines, IA.

Ironworks Endurance is headed by Coach Griffin, an Ironman Certified coach, a 200hr RYT yoga instructor, a Cross Country Coach, a Certified Gait Analyst, and an athlete on a mission to forge a community of athletes that push their limits, laugh often and strive to make the most out of life through sport.

As a coach, Griffin has worked with all levels of ability from first-time runners and triathletes, to State Champions and Division I athletes, and even World Championship and Boston Marathon Qualifiers.

While peak performance is always a primary objective, breaking personal records and reaching the next level aren’t the only important factors.

Finding gratitude in the daily grind and personal growth on the path to your goals are also vital components of any athlete’s journey. Success in sport is fun, but it’s critical to remember that sport happens within the context of your life.

My life has revolved around endurance sports for about as long as I can remember. I’m passionate about helping other achieve their peak performance, but I also recognize that race results are just a fraction of the story. My true goal is to forge a community of athletes who make the most out of their life through sport and laugh together along the way. Let’s find out together where sport can take you!

Coach Griffin

Themed Forging Iron, the design first takes inspiration from the blue flame on the Ironworks logo. Reflecting this as the base pattern of the kits in geometric abstract shapes.

The theme is further enhanced by adding crisscrossing lines of various thicknesses to reflect scoring patterns that metalworkers usually do when shaping and moulding iron. Overall, the kits are about energy, force and mettle.

The kits will be sold on the CUSTOM by PURPOSE store, as a Club Shop. This method requires only making a small set of quantities up-front and selling the rest on a made-to-order basis. A process that unlocks savings for any clubs interested to make their own branded kits.

The CUSTOM by PURPOSE Club Shop also lets club kits be sold to the general public locally or internationally, bringing their brand worldwide. Clubs get to decide if they want their kits sold to members only or to the masses.

Every club also gets its own unique URL from it making it simpler, easier, and cheaper to make and sell its own branded club kits.

Read more about Ironworks Endurance here –

For more information about PURPOSE or CUSTOM by PURPOSE, please email or visit the website below: or

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