Dayang Syahida: Despite having scoliosis, her goal is to complete an Ironman

Dayang Syahida: Despite having scoliosis, her goal is to complete an Ironman

Seven years ago, with no experience in triathlon, Dayang Syahida (@dayangcha) told a friend that she will complete an Ironman triathlon in 10 years.

The 31-year-old civil servant completed her first ever triathlon in 2019 and through the encouragement and much support from her friends, her respect for the sport grew even more.

Being diagnosed with scoliosis eight years ago, Dayang’s main priority is to stay active and physically healthy, but this does not stop her from challenging herself. “Keeping active is the only way I could prevent myself from having to endure back pain that worsens whenever I’m in a sedentary state,” she commented.

Dayang’s lifestyle typically includes triathlon training, yoga and Pilates, but at the moment she is focusing more on cycling and strengthening sessions as she is recovering from an injury.

The end goal to complete an Ironman remains. “I’ve always believed in respecting the distance, regardless of any sport. In preparing myself to earn the distance, I started with sprint and Olympic distance triathlons,” she added.

“My ultimate goal in triathlon is to get that full Ironman checked off my bucket list. To be able to pull through the distance and finish would be exhilarating. I may have missed the chance to do an Ironman 70.3 this year, but there will always be a next time.”

Through her journey of experiencing and exposing herself to the sport, Dayang was introduced to PURPOSE through one of the PURPOSE Fellowship rides organised last year.

“Throughout the ride, everyone supported each other, leaving no one behind. The team’s positive vibes warmed me towards the brand itself,” she recalled.

Dayang was impressed with the minute details that the brand took into considerations when developing the range of products – from the choice of material to suit the humid weather in Southeast Asia to having options for Muslimahs who need better coverage when participating in triathlons.

“I’ve worn my PURPOSE Victory Elite Racing trisuit for both training and races. It was the colours that attracted me and the designs give me a happy boost,” she said. What she loves most, is how the material holds onto her body without feeling constricted in it.

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