MADE OF WORLD RECORDS: The Zach Bitter Signature Series 1 collection

MADE OF WORLD RECORDS: The Zach Bitter Signature Series 1 collection

Our partnership with Zach Bitter started with a bang when he wore our Elite Racing HYPERMESH running singlet and broke the world record for the 100 Miles (160 kilometres) Treadmill Run.

12 hours 9 minutes and 5 seconds. On a treadmill. Literally running on the spot. How?!

All that time spent hopping from one treadmill to another with an average speed of 7:18 per mile (4:32 per km). Simply astounding. Highly respectable. He wasn’t watching any TV and he was barely listening to any music either. Mindblown.

The best part? He wore the same set of PURPOSE Elite Racing running singlet and shorts throughout.

“I wore the same kit the entire day; PURPOSE Performance Wear makes it easy to do so. The singlet I had on is light and feels soft, so I hardly know it is there. The shorts are also light and don’t catch on my legs while running, and I love to be able to use my own liner and not feel like there is something bulky pulled over it,” Zach said.

That was when we knew we had to create something together, something with his signature on it as a stamp of approval that this is legit.

Describing that it feels “surreal” to have his own collection, Zach shared how humble is is that we believe in him enough to develop and entrust a signature line to him.

“When I first got into running I would have never believed I would have an apparel sponsor, much less one that wants to put my name on their product,” he added.

Two designs – one dark, one light.

We had a lot of fun designing this with Zach. “I was already completely sold on the HYPERMESH material that PURPOSE is becoming known for, so that part was easy. It is simply the lightest and most comfortable material I have been able to use,” he said.

“Its function in warm environments has been useful during the summer heat I get here in Phoenix, Arizona. I also enjoyed the creative process around picking the colours and design.

I believe the two options between light and dark will be a nice variance for folks who want a light colour for bright sunny running and the darker black and yellow for some of the dustier trail and mountain running experiences.”

Throughout the development process, Zach has been putting lots of miles into the singlets, t-shirt and shorts. In the summer of Arizona no less.

His verdict:

“The shirts alway leave me amazed by how I hardly notice they are even there. In the past, as soon as it got hot, I would feel much more comfortable running without a shirt. The HYPERMESH material not only has changed this, but has certainly aided me in protection from the sun.

“In fact, this is the first summer where I haven’t gotten a sunburn, which keeping a shirt on has helped. I especially like the white version of the singlet, since the lighter colours tend to absorb less of the sun’s heat.”

The Zach Bitter Signature Series 1 collection is now available at

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