Pankkaj Dhiman's Life Changing Experience to Triathlon

Pankkaj Dhiman's Life Changing Experience to Triathlon

Meet Pankkaj Dhiman, a determined and driven triathlete hailing from Gurugram, Haryana, India. With an unwavering passion for triathlon, Pankkaj has risen above challenges and transformed his life. In this interview we find out more about his love for the sport and his unyielding dedication to becoming a world-class triathlete.

Embarking on the Triathlon Adventure

Pankkaj Dhiman discovered the world of triathlon in May 2018, after a shoulder injury forced him to reevaluate his fitness routine. Formerly a bodybuilder, Pankkaj shifted his focus to running and soon found himself drawn to the exhilaration of triathlon. Since then, he has never looked back.

Having competed in over 15 races worldwide, Pankkaj has amassed an impressive track record. Each race holds a special place in his heart, making it difficult to choose a favorite. With his eyes set on constant improvement, Pankkaj continuously challenges himself to achieve new heights in his triathlon career.

A Passion Born from Challenge

What captured Pankkaj's heart in the triathlon world was the sheer challenge it presented. With no prior experience in any of the disciplines, he embarked on a journey to become a world-class triathlete. The pursuit of excellence and the opportunity to push his limits motivated him to fall in love with the sport.

For Pankkaj, all three disciplines of triathlon hold equal importance. His dedication and commitment to training in swimming, cycling, and running are evident in his consistent performance across races. By embracing the multisport lifestyle, Pankkaj has found fulfillment and a sense of purpose in life.

Fueling the Passion and Balancing it All 

On race day, Pankkaj's essentials are simple: carbs, carbs, and more carbs. Prior to the big day, he prefers to relax and unwind, allowing his body and mind to prepare for the challenge ahead. This balance between physical preparation and mental relaxation ensures he is ready to give his best.

Pankkaj considers himself fortunate to merge his passion for triathlon with his profession as a coach. This alignment allows him to strike a harmonious balance between work, training, and family. By finding joy in his pursuits, Pankkaj has seamlessly integrated all aspects of his life.

In fact, if given the opportunity to form a relay team with any triathlete in the world, Pankkaj's would choose his closest friends and family. For him, the joy of sharing the triathlon experience with loved ones surpasses doing it alongside any superstar.

Unwavering Discipline: The Key to Triathlon Success

While motivation may ebb and flow, Pankkaj relies on discipline to stay on track with his training. Recognizing that not every day will be easy, he emphasizes the importance of maintaining consistency and adhering to his training plan. It is through unwavering discipline that he continues to achieve his goals.

Pankkaj's advice to newcomers is simple yet profound: true speed is achieved through dedication and guidance. Rather than investing in expensive equipment, he urges newbies to seek the guidance of a skilled coach who can provide the necessary expertise and support.

Beyond Triathlons: Everest Awaits

Aside from triathlons, Pankkaj has set his sights on conquering Mount Everest. With an adventurous spirit and an unwavering determination, he aspires to challenge himself further and explore new horizons.

Pankkaj Dhiman's journey serves as an inspiration to all who dare to dream big and push their limits. His unwavering dedication, love for the sport, and relentless pursuit of excellence embody the true spirit of triathlon.

Through his triumphs and challenges, Pankkaj reminds us that with discipline, guidance, and an unwavering belief in oneself, anything is possible in the world of triathlon and beyond.

Follow Pankkaj’s triathlon journey on Instagram at dhimanpankkaj

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