Race Report: Purpose Triathletes in Action

Race Report: Purpose Triathletes in Action

A true test of endurance in gloomy, rainy and muddy conditions, the 2023 Metasprint Singapore Triathlon took every participant to the limit in more ways than one.

Beyond the weather, tenacity and perseverance were the elements of the day. Kudos to everyone taking part - and their support crew for their resilience on the day making the event even more memorable.

As always, PURPOSE was well represented amongst the determined athletes. Neither rain, shine, nor muddy fields can stop them from turning up in their PURPOSE tri suits, custom club colours or national kits. Proudly doing what they do best, with purpose powering them.

Male, female, adults or kids, everyone demonstrated exceptional strength and endurance as they pushed themselves to the limit to cross the finish line.

Children who participated in the race were also impressive, showing great determination and a love for the sport. Which we hope to be able to support in the very near future with products made specifically for kids.

Overall, the Meta Sprint Singapore Triathlon 2023 race was an inspiring display of the participants and the power of willpower and endurance, and a success for us, Purpose Performance Wear in making ourselves present in races once again.

See photos and images from the 2023 Metasprint race here - Team Purpose, Metasprint Singapore 2023

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  • Thank you team Purpose! It was a slugfest and mudfest…but it became an enjoyable event with the awesome trisuits! Cheerzzzzzz!!!

    - Rye

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