The PURPOSE Podcast: Masri Khairuman, from prisons to pools

The PURPOSE Podcast: Masri Khairuman, from prisons to pools

After working in the prison for 20 years (his first and only job since he finished national service), Masri Khairuman resigned to pursue a completely new career – as a swim coach. At the age of 42, Masri realised he had fallen out of love with rehabilitation work and was all excited to start something else.

Not wanting to wait until he is retired to start looking for a career in sports coaching – which he felt might be too late – he took a leap of faith and made the jump, with the full support of his wife.

Now a respected coach in swimming and triathlon, Masri is also an active committee member of Terai Melayu – Singapore’s largest triathlon community.

This episode explores his reasons for leaving the prison services and how he made that bold career change at a late stage in life.

Listen to it on Spotify here.

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