Yoyo Taryo: Indonesia's Endurance Running Marvel
Yoyo's passion for running started in 1999, shaping his identity, lifestyle and fueling his sense of purpose. From bustling city marathons in Berlin and Jakarta to the rugged terrains of the Borobudur Marathon, Yoyo has left his mark on every course he's tackled.
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Himanshu Puri: A Triathlete Pushing Boundaries
Himanshu's transformative journey into multisports began from casual cyclist to triathlon. Starting with a simple interest in cycling in 2018, his progression escalated, culminating in conquering the Paris Brest Paris in 2019. His appetite for challenge marks an extraordinary narrative of personal growth and triumph
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Philipp Kloeber: a Journey of Passion and Perseverance
Philipp is not only successfully navigating the corporate world but also carving his path in triathlon. With an upcoming slate of races including the T100 Singapore and Ironman 70.3 World Championships in Taupō, New Zealand Philipp's journey in triathlon is one fueled by sheer grit and determination. 
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Wiwik Pujiati: The Triathlete Mom Breaking Boundaries
Despite juggling family responsibilities and rigorous training schedules, Wiwik Pujiati has amassed an impressive array of accolades in the racing circuit. From conquering marathons to clinching podium finishes in IRONMAN 70.3 Desaru 2022, her journey is marked by a relentless pursuit of excellence.
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Unleashing the Athlete Within: The Journey of Alex Cranswick
Join Alex Cranswick, a proud Kiwi balancing twin toddlers and a career as a land surveyor, as he pushes his limits in the world of triathlon. As a Purpose Ambassador, Alex wants to join us in breaking barriers and igniting possibilities, showing that the true triumph lies in touching lives beyond the finish line.
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Triathlete Triumph: Andrew Choa's Ironman Pursuit
Andrew Choa, a Malaysian triathlete from Ipoh, found solace in endurance sports since 2010. His journey led him from running to Ironman, culminating in triumph at Ironman Langkawi 2023. Andrew balances training with a vibrant life of art, culinary exploration, and laughter, inspiring others along the way
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Kenny Tanjaya : Racing Against the Odds to Triumph
With over 50 races under his belt, Kenny is no stranger to the thrill of the finish line. He's boasted times as fast as 3:25:30 for a full marathon, and 1:35:30. for a half marathon. Kenny has got some serious speed but he wants everyone to know that you don’t need to have an athletic background to achieve this!
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Finding Passion and Pushing Limits: Get to Know Merle
Merle Maud is a New Zealand triathlete who is a force to be reckoned with. Last weekend she clinched first place female at Ironman 70.3 New Zealand. From her early days as a track and field athlete, to her current roles as a successful triathlete and coach, Merle embodies the spirit of dedication and perseverance.
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From Lower Back Injury to Full Marathon Runner. Meet Ghia
Ghia is not just a triathlete; she's an International Psychology professional, a dedicated yoga teacher, and on a journey to deepen her Sports Psychology practice. Ghia has a deep passion for endurance sport, particularly triathlon and running and is one of our first ambassadors in the Philippines
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Mike Found his Pursuit of Self Improvement in Triathlon
Mike Phillips wants everyone to ditch the image of spandex-clad superhumans. He is a fervent advocate for inclusivity. "Triathlon is a sport for everyone”. An Ironman might seem daunting, but Mike insists that the community is supportive, and everyone can participate. “Leave your doubts behind, grab your gear, and remember, even Ironman champ started somewhere”.
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Endurance Unleashed: Meet Purpose Triathlete Jake Watts
Discover Jake Watts' remarkable journey from triathlon novice to Ironman contender. Balancing a demanding police career and family commitments, he shares insights into staying motivated and offers advice to newcomers. With 15 races under his belt, Jake's story is one of resilience, determination, and unwavering passion for the sport
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The Joy is in the Journey: Meet Purpose Triathlete Sam
Triathlon is not an easy sport, it's a constant battle of early mornings, movement away from comfort and turning down other opportunities. However, Sam said it is singularly the best thing I have ever done to teach myself that I can do hard things, really hard things that other people can't. The process is the success, nothing else matters.
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